Green Book review – Oscar nominee

I figured I should do some reviews on the newest pictures, especially the ones that have attracted some attention recently. I see this a chance to spread a little word about them as I understand some people can be indecisive when it comes to seeing 2-hour long films. Maybe this will help you decide whether it’s worth watching (in terms of, have a little idea to see if it fits your taste). NO SPOILERS

So, Green book. I’ll be honest, I started watching it without any expectations and without knowing what it’s about. I actually prefer it so, as this way the movie has a clear chance to impress me (I tend to get stuck on prejudice sometimes). Well, let us see what happened.

Main concept: we are looking at the 1960s, when segregation was still at its peak. Yes, this movie looks at the division of white people from people of color in America. All 2 hours of it. But don’t in the slightest let that put you off. It is done brilliantly! I don’t know exactly how, but 2 hours wasn’t long at all. The film challenges assumptions of whether class, dignity and honour is in any way relevant to the color of our skin. Watch the movie to find out 🙂

The movie as of now has 5 Oscar nominations: Best Picture; Best Actor; Best supporting actor; Best original screenplay and Best Editing. All major categories which emphasises the quality of this film. It deals with heartfelt emotions which the audience can feel vividly thanks to the amazing cast performances. The actors do indeed deserve their nominations especially considering that the lead and supporting actors are the main focus of the movie and carry it on together for most of the scenes.

The story is indeed a true one! The screenplay was developed by the director – Peter Farrelly,  Brian Currie and the Nick Vallelonga – the son of the main character – Tony ‘Lip’ Vallelonga. It is safe to say they wanted to be as close as possible to the original story. And with good reason. A very powerful story conveying and very important and equally strong message. Surprising to see a film of such depth from the director – Peter Farrelly, as he is famous for his collaboration with his brother – ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘Me, myself and Irene’, both quirky comedies. However, you can tell that he put a lot of hard work and thought into creating this movie and it has definitely paid off.

The pace of the film is overall very well balanced. There was never a moment when I thought it was too slow or too fast. It was just right. And by all means, the ending is brilliant! Keep in mind though, that the best way of watching this movie is by giving it your full attention. You won’t regret the 2 hours, but you will regret them if you don’t give it the just 2 hours fully. A lot in this movie is being said without words, much more than verbally actually. That’s one of it’s key and most important features. If you want a good quality movie, with good actor performances, beautiful shots and scenes and some very pleasant dialogue, this is the right one. It fits a nice homey weekend evening.

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