Set the record

Before I start though I really need to set some background.

I am a very controlling person, meaning I like schedules, analysis and basically thought through things :). However, for this little project, I am absolutely willing to give up all control, templates and statistics, mainly because I have literally never needed to do any specific research or gather information about movies. I just randomly look through the information and it stays with me, it interests me and it’s literally like my brain is wired to understand, keep and reform it.
This regards movies, actors, directors, writers, movie composers, awards, behind the scenes and so much more.
Another reason why I am starting this blog is that recently I had an urge, which I couldn’t suppress: I wanted to count the movies I have seen in my entire life…

The people who know me called me crazy and I can assure you they have good reasons for that. But I did it anyway. I realised the result will never be completely accurate. I definitely have forgotten movies that I have seen years ago, or that I didn’t like or that don’t have a famous cast and so on, and I have rewatched some movies an obscene amount of times starting from when I was 5 years old. But I needed a number of some sort… I needed to understand whether I am really a person who is knowledgable when it comes to movies, or better yet – a movie geek.
I am not sure whether the number that I came up with answered that question but it definitely helped me gain some perspective on my life.
I am currently adding numbers to my list of over one thousand movies! (hence the name of the blog)
As a starting thought… that rounds up to about 2000 hours. But then again, I have rewatched some movies over a thousand times themselves, so I’d say all bets are off and I have passed the 5000-hour milestone. That equals to 208 days.

I am not adding any more numbers because I don’t feel like dealing with them just yet. And in a way they don’t matter. All that matters to me right now is my devotion to the art of cinema … and that my fellow movie-lovers is immeasurable!

I apologise for the long post. I will aim not to make the reviews too long 🙂
Hopefully, this will all lead to something one day.
I thank everyone who decided to read all of this and welcome any thought you might want to share.
I will be starting my reviews soon!…

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