Mad Max: Fury Road

I love spontaneous movie nights! This is the best experience ever mainly because when you choose something on a whim you don’t really have time to create any expectations. And that, my friends, is the GREATEST lesson life can offer 😊   … expectations can be radioactive!

Meanwhile, back to our beloved movies. Today’s topic: Mad Max: Fury Road!


I had heard a little bit about this film and it was part of the First Oscars I ever saw – 2015. Yet I never really got around to watching it. At first, I thought that it’s not my kind of movie, but then my perspective on movies changes so I should have seen it… anyway, the point is, it as a spontaneous decision. Boy, was that a win!!!

Let me tell you something, there’s going to be an initial ‘Whaa? What is this?’, and then your world view is going to get upside down and you will want to watch every second! Absolutely amazing movie!

I didn’t remember this when I started watching but it has won quite a few Oscars. 6 to be exact (about 2 more than the most won Oscar by a film this year – Bohemian Rhapsody got away with 4). I heard someone say that the marketing for this movie was done well because the trailer only kind of fully talks about the first 15 minutes of the movie plot and then from there on its kind of blank. And once again, lets stress out the point that sometimes it’s not about the story you tell but about HOW you tell it! think about every bad joke you ever heard; the problem was probably not the joke itself, but the person who told it.


So, yeah. I am in full agreement that the best of trailers out there are the ones who DO NOT tell you the story in short flashy images. I mean what would be the point of actually seeing the movie! Well done to those who can entice the audience with so little that they would be begging to go into the theatre.

It’s an art on its own to share the movie vibe in 2.5 minutes. Well done!

Back to the movie. No joke, those 6 Oscars are well deserved!

Best Costume Design, Production Design, Makeup and Hairstyling, Film Editing, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing. That sentence can literally summarise the movie… no, I’m kidding! So much more to be said 😊


Where to start though? Okay, well, I was stunned by the Production design, Costume design and Makeup and Hairstyling. That’s probably what I will remember most of this movie, brilliant! All the winners have established names and I would say there’s a reason for that. The world this movie takes you into is indescribable. The size, scope, colours and the depth of it are all amazing. I was in love after the first 10 minutes. The costumes make you wish you had one, as funny as that may sound once you have seen the movie. They are well made and perfectly matched. And the makeup and hairstyling – creates visions you will not soon forget! I was hypnotised and couldn’t stop watching! 2 hours was not enough.

I can’t review an action movie and not say anything about the action scenes – someone’s mind exploded into this movie. Kudos to the director George Miller (who was nominated for best director btw). He was the obvious choice, considering he has directed all the previous ‘Mad Max’ movies from the franchise. The interesting fact is that he’s also directed ‘Babe 2’ and ‘Happy Feet’, wow! 😊


People say this movie is amongst the best action movies of all time. Make your own mind whether you agree or not after you watch it. the scenes are amazing. They are well thought through and the cinematography is great. It all makes sense, it’s all captivating and makes you say ‘Wow!’ every 30 seconds. When all is said and done, that is its core! And what a fascinating core it is.

You won’t regret it. If you want some entertainment and stunning visuals (ones that you can’t take your eyes of of) this is the movie! The world and characters, and the interactions of these characters that this movie had has left me so jealous and I am not exactly sure of what! Have an enjoyable screening!

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